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Whole-of-government microeconomic trade reform, delivering value for Australians

The Simplified Trade System will simplify Australia's international trade regulations, modernise outdated ICT systems, and strengthen Australia's economic resilience. 

The Australian border is a critical national asset. It safeguards Australians and their unique environment from border security and biosecurity risks, while facilitating cross-border trade that is vital to the national economy. With one in five Australian jobs trade-related, and trade in goods representing 40 per cent of Australian GDP, the importance of cross-border trade to national wellbeing cannot be overstated. 



In the current global climate of geopolitical uncertainty, logistics disruption and inflation, it is more urgent than ever to improve trade facilitation for the benefit of business, consumers and government. Trade that is simple, fast, and cost-effective can help businesses of all sizes to access the international markets they need to grow, boosting Australia’s economy, creating jobs, and reducing cost of living pressures. 

The STS reform agenda will deliver a more effective and sustainable cross-border trade environment, ensuring that Australia remains a globally competitive trading nation into the future. It takes a whole-of-government approach to reform, while also amplifying and enabling Government priorities in areas such as manufacturing, digital and data reform, and trade diversification.