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Making trade rules simpler and easier to comply with

Pathway to regulatory reform

Working with partner agencies, the STS Taskforce is developing a future state vision to simplify and better align regulations, making it easier for business to comply and more efficient for government to administer.  Simplifying trade regulations lays the foundation for transformative digital and data reforms but it also takes time to do it well. We plan to deliver in an incremental way that deliver benefits in the short, medium and long term.  

Increasing digitalisation and data sharing

Cross-border alignment 

The STS Taskforce is identifying and prioritising options to align government border programs currently, the Taskforce is working with the ABF, the Department of Home Affairs, DAFF and the ATO to align border programs to remove data and process duplication, reduce compliance costs and improve efficiency for business and government.


Building on the ICT scoping exercise, the STS Taskforce is co-designing a target state digital architecture that considers how existing whole-of government trade agency capabilities will be used, laying the foundation for modernisation and integration of inflight and legacy systems. 


A cross-agency team, led by the STS Taskforce, is developing a data-sharing framework which will set out the principles, processes and governance requirements for a whole-of-government approach to cross-border trade data sharing.

Advice to government 

The STS Taskforce continues to provide consolidated advice from a whole-of-government perspective in relation to cross-border trade reform. This broad visibility of the end-to-end environment supports a coordinated and joined-up approach, reducing duplication and maximising efficiency, including identifying re-use opportunities.