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On Monday 26 June 2023 the Simplified Trade System Summit will bring together delegates from government, industry, academia, diplomatic corps and the broader community to discuss and inform the STS reform agenda. The Simplified Trade System (STS) is a whole-of-government reform agenda to create a simpler, more effective and sustainable cross-border trade environment for Australia.  

The Australian border is a critical national asset. It safeguards Australians and their unique environment from border security and biosecurity risks, while facilitating cross-border trade that is vital to the national economy. With one in five Australian jobs trade-related, and trade in goods representing 40 per cent of Australian GDP, the importance of cross-border trade to national wellbeing cannot be overstated. 

While trade volumes have grown significantly over the past decade, investment to modernise the trade system has not kept pace. Previous efforts to implement new technology and regulatory solutions were often siloed and not fully integrated or interoperable. 

Together with business, the STS reform agenda is changing this. Led by the STS Implementation Taskforce, the reforms are being developed in collaboration with business and across all levels of government to ensure a joined-up approach and realistic appreciation of current complexity to design and deliver lasting solutions.   

Simpler trade benefits Australian businesses, government and the community including through reducing the cost of trade and increasing productivity. Central to the success of the STS, is ongoing dialogue with business and industry experts. The STS Summit is an opportunity to continue this dialogue and start new conversations as we work together to deliver a simplified trade system.  

The Summit will be held in Melbourne on Monday 26 June 2023. The event will bring together industry leaders, government executives, members of the diplomatic corps, academia and the community. The program of events includes a Ministerial address, industry and government led panels, Q&As and discussions covering the STS reform agenda and a wide range of related topics.  

You will hear from the senior government officials as well as industry leaders and academics from across the globe on issues impacting cross-border trade, you will also have the opportunity to contribute to the discussions to enrich and inform the STS reforms, across topics such as: supply chain, paperless trade, international best practice, economic outlook, productivity and much more! 

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